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    ASP stands for active server pages and it is also widely used for web programming after PHP. Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF Latest Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers Pdf Manifest - contains information about the assembly like Version of an assembly, the public. Net Interview Questions_WorkShop( questions and answers).pdf - Free Net Interview Questions. Net Framework 2. C#.Net 3. 4. 5.

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    Dot Net Interview Questions And Answers.pdf

    Net | Interview Questions and Answers PDF | Questions and Answers | Interview Questions Pdf | Technical Interview. Web Matrix is a free development environment from support of multiple programming languages via the Common Language Specification. NET interview questions and answers section for various interview, competitive examination and NET quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks.

    Here is a list of commonly asked interview questions about ASP. Net based on Object oriented programming concept. Here I have collected some good interview questions with their answers. There are several questions to expect if you are preparing to attend an ASP. Here are just a few samples of those questions and their answers:. Layouts are rendered in ASP. With this, every page is able to have its own controller code-behind file that posses the request. But ASP. In this case, requests are processed by a common controller for all pages. NET assemblies. It can be used in the following scenarios:. Strong names are unique names for assemblies.

    Net is a Microsoft Technology , which is used to create effective, dynamic and data driven webpages. Vishal,says Feb 15, Asp is a server side technology where you can create dynamic web pages using. NET is just a technology that provide a set of specifications to create web applications with server side code programs pages.

    Kalpana,says ASP. Gautam,says Jan 23, Asp. Dineshkumar Perumal,says ASP. NET is a server side technology, that enables user to create and build the applications.

    50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

    Abhishek Pandey ,says Jan 17, Actually asp. Adyasakti swain,says ASP. Suresh,says Jan 04, ASP. It can be a structured type which has a sequence of named attributes that each has a type, or It can be a distinct type sharing a common representation with some built-in data type. Based on this it can be categorized as,.

    Net base class library encapsulates a huge number of common functions and makes them easily accessible to the developer. The event bubbling in.

    .Net Interview Questions_WorkShop(250 questions and answers).pdf

    NET is defined as the passing of the control from child to the parent is called as bubbling. Controls like datalist, datagrid, repeater, etc.

    Micro-soft Silverlight is an open-source tool for making and deploying internet applications and media experiences on the web. Visual studio creates two files when creates project; App.

    To run a Silverlight application on a web server, you require to append the extension. However, contents from many of these formats can be converted into formats that are supported by Silverlight like automated server function, and then inserted into a Silverlight based application.

    To host Silverlight applications from your web server, you need to allow the MIME type as mentioned below. NET pages?

    Top 40 .NET Interview Questions & Answers

    The Xaml page user control has a property known as InitParameters. From your ASPX pages, you can set a value in the form of key value pairs. Since this property accepts key-value pairs, you can pass any set of string values. Silverlight synchronizes with existing web applications, including ASP. Answer: The ASP. The response depends on the request of the clients. We can also say that the ASP. Is designed for reaching the broad range of clients. Uses the HTTP application.

    We use the ASP. The following are some important points of the ASP. It is a platform for creating the REST services. It is a framework for creating the HTTP services.

    What are the defining traits of an object-oriented language?

    Answer: The defining traits of an object-oriented language are: a Inheritance c Encapsulation d Polymorphism Inheritance: The main class or the root class is called as a Base Class. Any class which is expected to have ALL properties of the base class along with its own is called as a Derived class.

    The process of deriving such a class is Derived class. Abstraction: Abstraction is creating models or classes of some broad concept. Abstraction can be achieved through Inheritance or even Composition. Encapsulation: Encapsulation is a collection of functions of a class and object.

    It is achieved by specifying which class can use which members private, public, protected of an object. Polymorphism: Polymorphism means existing in different forms.

    Inheritance is an example of Polymorphism. A base class exists in different forms as derived classes. Operator overloading is an example of Polymorphism in which an operator can be applied in different situations. Answer: CLS is a specification that defines the rules to support language integration. This is done in such a way, that programs written in any language. NET compliant can communicate with one another. This also can take full advantage of inheritance, polymorphism, exceptions, and other features.

    This is a subset of the CTS, which all. NET languages are expected to support.

    How can we apply themes in ASP. NET application? Answer: A theme is a collection of settings that define the look of controls and web pages. These themes are applied across all the pages in a web application to maintain a consistent appearance. Themes are included images and skin files; the skin files set the visual properties of ASP.

    NET controls. A page theme is applied to a single page of the web site. Global Theme A Global theme is a theme that is applied to all the web sites on a web server and includes property settings, and graphics. This theme allows us to maintain all the websites on the same web server and define the same style for all the web pages of the web sites. Which method do you use to enforce garbage collection in.

    Answer: 9. What are the different types of indexes in. Answer: There are two types of indexes in. Net: Clustered index and non-clustered index

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